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  • Hester Wijenberg 

    In Focusing you can find your own answers to your own questions. It also helps you soften from within, when you learn to be in Presence with those parts in yourself that you find difficult, or challenging. Instead of fighting, more space appears in which acceptance of that 'what is' can arise.

  • Suzi Mackenzie 

    I can't imagine life without Focusing and love to share it with others. I enjoy offering a calm and warm presence in which people can experience and explore what a Focusing approach might mean for them, from the nurture of the inner relationship to the fascination of the felt sense.

  • Avegno Gordevio

    Eveline Moor 

    Focusing and I, that's a good thing. I am a person- and body centered counsellor, a impassioned Focusing teacher and qualified in Prevention and Health Promotion. C. Rogers psychology and E. Gendlin's philosophy inspires me. Teaching Focusing challenges me.

  • Maria Emanuela Galanti 

    Focusing Trainer (TIFI, 2014) based in Rome, Italy. Interested in developing the philosophy of the implicit as organic philosophy and Focusing as creative regress to a stage of organic symbolizing.

  • Leipzig

    Amona Buechler 

    Amona has been offering courses, workshops, and sessions online & offline since 1998. She is a Certified Focusing Trainer/Coordinator in Training and a Certified Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer. Of German origin, she lived in Chicago 1998-2015, traveled the world until 2021, and now lives in Germany.

  • Tel Aviv-Yafo

    Annat Gal on 

    Focusing coordinator for adults and children and a Family Constellation facilitator. Founder of HomeFocusing - Focusing Oriented Relationship method.

  • Wijk bij Duurstede

    Rene Veugelers 

    As a Coordinator specialising in Children Focusing, with an emphasis on the non-verbal world, René teaches worldwide. Specializing in working with children with ADHD, ADD, trauma and attachment disorder. His experience embraces and expanded creative elements and support a natural unfolding

  • Niels Bagge 

    I am a Danish psychologist trained in Inner Relationship Focusing and focusing integrated in Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT). I meet regularly with my 2 focusing partner. I amfocusing trainer offering focusing workshops and sessions.

  • Danny Gehlen 

    Danny Gehlen MSc is a psychologist, psychometric researcher and person-centered counsellor based in Cologne, Germany. He teaches and investigates how Focusing attitudes and mindfulness can be effectively applied to facilitate health and personal development.

  • Celia Dawson 

    I have been using Focusing for over twenty years. I am a Co-ordinator with the International Focusing Institute, a Director of the Complex Trauma Institute and a Director of the British Focusing Association.

  • Halina Rozensztrauch 

    Embodiment is not just listening to the body but listening through the body. It's a life-reorienting and enriching perspective that Focusing opens so tangibly, the trust that not knowing becomes knowing moment by moment, so here I am, open to exploring and inquiring with you

  • Eveline Kroese 

    Eveline Kroese, Focusing trainer and coach/counsellor at Eigen Bron Focusing in Hilversum, The Netherlands

  • Amsterdam

    Ria van Hage 

    I am living in Amsterdam in The Netherlands, with a passion for Focusing that deepens and enriches everything I am and I do. As a Focusing Trainer and certifying Coordinator I love to teach Focusing to others, for their private and professional live.

  • Prestonpans

    Lucy Hyde 

    I'm a counsellor in private practice living near Edinburgh, Scotland. Focusing has enriched the quality of my work and the relationships I build with clients. I love helping people develop self-compassion, and I enjoy taking counselling outdoors and connecting to the natural world.

  • Zürich

    Teresa Dawson 

    Living near Zurich, Switzerland. I got to know Focusing in the late eighties. Since then Focusing stayed with me and has become the main method in my counceling and teaching activities.

  • Giv'at Shmuel

    Yehudit First 

    As an Emotional Body Psychotherapist, meeting Focusing was a powerful and transformative experience for me. Since then it has become an integral part of my life and practice. The desire to bring Focusing into interpersonal communication in real life, led me to develop Social Oriented Focusing (SOF).

  • Florian Christensen 

    I first came into contact with focussing during my training at pcaSuisse in 1997. In the 2000s, I became more and more involved with it and since 2019 I have been running my own small focussing institute in Winterthur

  • gesine grotrian 

    Familientherapeutin und -beraterin, Somatic Experience und Focusing. Mit Hund, ein junger Australian Sheperd. Ehrenamtliche Begleitung von Jugendlichen in Krisen und Umbruchsituationen. Familien, Paare und Einzelpersonen.

  • Greg Madison 

    I learned Focusing as an undergraduate psychology student in Canada in the early 1980s. It has been the foundation of all I have learned and lived since then. Currently I am a psychologist and psychotherapist offering online experiential-existential therapy and training events worldwide.

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