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Newsletter EFA April 2024

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Eveline Moor

Avegno Gordevio 6670

  • Meditation
  • Spirituality
  • Focusing Oriented counselling
  • Nature connection


Focusing and I, that's a good thing. I am a person- and body centered counsellor, a impassioned Focusing teacher and qualified in Prevention and Health Promotion. C. Rogers psychology and E. Gendlin's philosophy inspires me. Teaching Focusing challenges me.

What services do I offer?

I established a school for Focusing called SFEM (Schule für Focusing Eveline Moor) in the southern part of Switzerland in 2001. The programme offers a wide range of training, from beginners to certified facilitators, trainers and professionals. For those who are trained, there is ongoing further training, deepening and expansion in the form of five thematically different seminars spread over the year, so called "refresher".

As a focusingoriented Counsellor, I offer one-to-one sessions in Zürich/Ticino and on ZOOM.
I work as a supervisor to many focuser's throughout Switzerland.

My background in Focusing

33 years ago I first came to know Focusing in the context of a person-centred counselling training at the GFK Institute Zürich and at the Focusing Wochen Achberg. Christiane Geiser mentored me from that time on up to become a certifying Coordinator for TIFI in 2004.
As a trainee, I learned from Gene Gendlin at Stony Point, NY, experienced Mary Hendricks Gendlin at the trainer certification party, was taught by Janet Klein and Mary McGuire as main teacher's of the weeklong 2000. My work is influenced by many more teachers over the years: (e.g. Renée Maas, Ann Weiser Cornell, Susanne Kersig, Robert Lee, Astrid Schilling, Dana Ganihar, Baruch Brenner)

As a fulltime Focusing teacher and trainer these days, I enjoy thinking about language that resonates. I give seminars in my mother tongue, which is Swiss German and I experience myself as fresh and new, when I start a new training.This liveliness is a gift and makes me bring and teach Focusing unconditionally everywhere. The connectivity of this method to modern times, for younger people who are in the middle of life, with all the demands, is important to me. The mediation of Focusing in different professional fields is my passion.

Last but not least: The collaboration and interest group together with my husband, Martin Züllig (into Buddhist Meditation "Vipassana" since 40 years and Focusing trained as well), forms the basic of our small philosophically oriented place of thinking and working and developing Focusing further. I owe him a lot. "Wir geschehen zusammen" / Eugen Gendlin.


With my qualification as person- and body centered counsellor SGfK and holding a Master degree in prevention and health promotion from the University of Lucerne FHZ/HSA, I cross Focusing and health with all the many topics around this subject. The mind-body medicine and also the spiritual aspect in the illness/health continuum are my special interests. From these topics I have been developing trainings for Focusing practitioners for a long time and will continue to do so.

In 2017, I wrote an easy-to-read beginner's book on Focusing (in german language):
"Körperweisheit" I Wie Sie mit Focusing Ihre Körperintelligenz nutzen. Goldegg Verlag

Since 2022 I serve the Board of Directors of the International Focusing Institute (TIFI).

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Online


Eveline Moor's focusing trainings are an absolutely unique learning experience. Her inspiring learning style intersects ideally with the extraordinary place of learning, Casa Civetta. Focusing in her school is therefore taught and exemplified both as a well-founded method and as an actual life practice: in addition to excellent course materials, Eveline Moor relies on meditations, guided walks in the wild Ticino nature and an informal get-together with always excellent food. It was therefore no question for me to start a trainer training with her after my basic and accompanying trainings.

For many years I have regularly taken part in workshops with Eveline Moor on a wide variety of topics and of course always in relation to Focusing.
In my many years of counselling, supervising and accompanying work in the health sector, these further training courses offer me tools for my work as well as space for reflection, process work and inner movement for myself.

I really appreciate the wide range of topics and the fact that everything is always up to date. I am also enthusiastic about Eveline Moor's way of working and her personality. The combination of a high, fresh intellect, eloquent didactics and a pronounced practical orientation make the training courses exciting and always applicable in everyday life and work. Her care in dealing with people and their issues is remarkable and a great gift. Her ability to grasp and accompany both the group and the individual is fascinating.
There is much more to say about it, but it would never be quite as impressive as experiencing it on the spot. That is why I will be attending these training courses again and again.

Eveline has a special talent for inspiring people from different professions and backgrounds for Focusing. Her profound expertise, her talent as a trainer, and her deep interest in social affairs, the bigger picture of the world, and philosophical questions make her offering unique, practical, and applicable to our own daily life.

The Casa Civetta is the place of her school SFEM, where development takes place.

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