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  • Andy Philpott 

    I am a BFA Certified Focusing Practitioner and an IFI Certified Focusing Trainer. I support people exploring their personal relationships and Financial Freedom. I practice Nonviolent Communication (NVC) which I integrate with Focusing to work with groups for social change and in conflict mediation.

  • Bucharest

    Arina Dogaru 

  • Prestonpans

    Lucy Hyde 

    I'm a counsellor in private practice living near Edinburgh, Scotland. Focusing has enriched the quality of my work and the relationships I build with clients. I love helping people develop self-compassion, and I enjoy taking counselling outdoors and connecting to the natural world.

  • European Focusing Association - EFA 

    EFA is a European network for Focusers, Focusing professionals and Focusing practitioners, who wish to develop Focusing and the Experiential Approach through collaboration, openness and mutual support.

  • Devon, UK

    Fiona Parr 

    Focusing has given me so much joy and inspiration, and I enjoy sharing its riches and gifts with others. I teach Focusing from my home on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, and online. I enjoy working with people in individual sessions and teaching small groups.

  • Lothar Kammer 

    I am Focusing Professional and Trainer TFI and Focusing Teacher of the German Focusing Netzwerk

  • Avegno Gordevio

    Eveline Moor 

    Focusing and I, that's a good thing. I am a person- and body centered counsellor, a impassioned Focusing teacher and qualified in Prevention and Health Promotion. C. Rogers psychology and E. Gendlin's philosophy inspires me. Teaching Focusing challenges me.

  • Nadja Meyers 


  • Kay Hoffmann 

    I love both teaching Focusing to newcomers and supporting trainees in finding their own unique way to share this soothing, enriching, enlivening process. I enjoy attempting to explain and teach Focusing using everyday language, without confusing 'insider' jargon!

  • Tel Aviv-Yafo

    Annat Gal on 

    Focusing coordinator for adults and children and a Family Constellation facilitator. Founder of HomeFocusing - Focusing Oriented Relationship method.

  • Danny Gehlen 

    Danny Gehlen MSc is a psychologist, psychometric researcher and person-centered counsellor based in Cologne, Germany. He teaches and investigates how Focusing attitudes and mindfulness can be effectively applied to facilitate health and personal development.

  • Vantaa

    Sari Pekki 

    I am a Focusing professional working fluently in both Finnish and English. I am also versed in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and enjoy integrating the essence of these two remarkable practices. A member of the EFA Steering Group since 2019.

  • Giv'at Shmuel

    Yehudit First 

    As an Emotional Body Psychotherapist, meeting Focusing was a powerful and transformative experience for me. Since then it has become an integral part of my life and practice. The desire to bring Focusing into interpersonal communication in real life, led me to develop Social Oriented Focusing (SOF).

  • Augsburg

    Monika Catarina Lindner 

    I love to accompany people with Focusing and Thinking At the Edge (TAE) to find their own language for what they want to become aware and express from the heart. When intuitive and logical thinking are brought into exchange, amazing new concepts emerge that make a tangible difference .. . mirabilis

  • gesine grotrian 

    Familientherapeutin und -beraterin, Somatic Experience und Focusing. Mit Hund, ein junger Australian Sheperd. Ehrenamtliche Begleitung von Jugendlichen in Krisen und Umbruchsituationen. Familien, Paare und Einzelpersonen.

  • Shrewsbury

    Bethany Rivers 

    Currently doing my practitioner training. Been focusing about 5 years.

  • Celia Dawson 

    I have been using Focusing for over twenty years. I am a Co-ordinator with the International Focusing Institute, a Director of the Complex Trauma Institute and a Director of the British Focusing Association.

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