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Welcome to the European Focusing Association (EFA).

Find participants from all over Europe ready to share their experience with Focusing and Focusing applications, co-creating new European projects.

Our main goal is to promote continuing dialogue and good practice between the European Focusers and Focusing Professionals. This website offers various possibilities to achieve this:

Become a EFA Member

You don’t have to be a member of any other Focusing organization to be a member of EFA.
Membership is free, just register.

EFA Members Directory

Here you can find the registered members and start networking .

Interest Groups

Members can propose interesting topics and work together in interest groups.

EFA Gatherings – Past

Our Gatherings
Once a year we have an Annual Gathering in person, doing Focusing workshops together, connecting and inspiring one another. On this occasion, we also hold our annual General Assembly meeting. For information about our upcoming gathering click here

2024 Information about our upcoming gathering click here
2023 Bassano/Northern Italy
2022 in Bassano/Northern Italy
2021 by zoom (due to Covid)
2020 by zoom (due to Covid)
2019 Agia Marina, Aegina, Greece
2018 Loutraki, Greece
2017 Padua, Italy
2016 Cambridge, UK
2015 Athens, Greece
2014 Pforzheim, Germany
2013 Emmetten, Switzerland
2012 London, UK
2011 Paris, France
2010 Pforzheim, Germany

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