Members can propose interesting topics and work together in interest groups. Please contact the group members directly in case you would like to join one of those groups. In case you have a new topic and can imagine to create an additional interest group, please get in contact with the Steering Group or, even better, just join our annual meeting and propose it there.

These are the currently running interest groups:

  • Teachers group: 3-4 members usually participating, formed by Fiona and Freda
  • Website project, first phase: Amona and Dietmar; in the next phase, Michael and others can join
  • Facebook page and group: Ruth, Yehudit, Sari
  • Interest group for having practitioners to be recognised by TIFI: Ruth and two other members
  • EFA conference 2023-24: Michael
  • Climate change: Teresa
  • Monthly meeting for all EFA members: Hosted by Fiona, supported by Amona, Michael and Dietmar
  • Suggestions / under consideration the following groups
  • Suggestion having another interest group about “How would that Focusing city look like?: Monica and Ruth
  • Maybe: Social Oriented Focusing – How to bring focusing in our daily actions: Yehudit

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