On principle EFA does not require Focusing Teachers to be psychotherapists. Focusing is a human process accessible to anyone and applicable in many fields, and people from many walks of life may become Focusing Teachers. Some EFA Focusing Teachers are also Focusing Oriented Therapists and some were trained as psychotherapists before learning to teach Focusing. If you want a psychotherapist, whether Focusing Oriented or otherwise, or any other type of therapist who is also a Focusing Teacher, it is up to you to determine their credentials, to check their professional affiliations and qualifications and to decide whether this is the right person for you. EFA is not qualified to accredit psychotherapy practitioners, nor to recommend any therapeutic method over any other.

The content of the pages on the EFA website come from a number of different sources. EFA makes every effort to ensure that the text is accurate but cannot take responsibility for any errors or omissions. Individual teacher\’s page content is uniquely theirs. Should you come across any errors or inaccuracies, please let us know and we will do our best to correct them promptly. At certain places on this website we provide live links to other websites. EFA does not endorse, approve or control these external websites and you should judge their usefulness for yourself. EFA is not accountable for the content of such websites.

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