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EFA members authored articles about the many and varied aspects of Focusing – for beginners and more advanced people alike. Search by type or browse though the listing. All are offered to support you in your learning and practice of Focusing.

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  • 2nd Dec 2023

    I really need support! 


    Anyone living close to the energy of a child knows there are profound life skills that adult carers can nurture in children that empower them to grow up, more open to the guidance of their…

  • 2nd Dec 2023

    Grief and Children 

    Article Publications

    An article about the process of grieving with children; How to recognize, how to hold and how to offer suggestions to this process with a lot of examples

  • 29th Nov 2023

    The Felt Sense – Your Guide For Authentic Change 


    What is Felt Sensing? It is probably one of the most powerful tools that we have to access our own inner navigator. Felt Sensing allows us to make skillful choices and deeply understand what direction…

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