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  • 25th February 2024 ZOOM

    CHANGES – polish spoken – without borders 


    Changes – blisko siebie niedzielne spotkania z focusingiem nowe daty 2024 ZATRZYMANIE …zmieniające życie. Poza słowami, pod obrazami, ponad myślami… czeka na Ciebie przestrzeń innego świata… Ten świat żyje w Tobie … zaufaj sobie… ZATRZYMAJ SIĘ…nikt z zewnątrz nie może…

  • 15th March 2024 ZOOM

    Dynamic Expressive Focusing introduction 

    Professional Training

    A Fresh Approach to Being with Children and Your Inner Child This online program is an invitation to participate in activities offering you direct experience of the tools, techniques and the inherently gentle, playful approach…

  • 15th May 2024 Villa Angaran San Giuseppe, Italy , Bassano del Grappa

    Macroshifting: Changing the Unchangeable Workshop by Robert L. Lee and Evelyn Fendler-Lee 


    Changing the Unchangeable (Macroshifting) This workshop is a great way to get started on a daunting issue, situation, dilemma, or project. The issue can be in the area of professional development or personal development, in…

  • 17th July 2024 Friesland The Netherlands

    Being Seriously Playful 

    Professional Training

    a 5 days intensive training in the Netherlands; part of the TIFI recognized Children Focusing training; Children Focusing provides adults with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that allows them to be with ~ and work with children, using the tools,…

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