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Newsletter EFA November 2023

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2nd Dec 2023

Newsletter EFA November 2023

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Dear Focusers,

In the newsletter this month:

  • Report of the EFA gathering in Bassano del Grappa, October 2023
  • Minutes from the General Assembly October 2023
  • Notice of 2024 gathering in Achberg, South Germany
  • Monthly meetings

News from the 2023 EFA gathering

28 members from 8 European countries plus the US and Australia gathered for sharing, learning, Focusing and conversation in a wonderful venue in the beautiful old town of Bassano del Grappa, Northern Italy. Lucy van Praag found the venue for us, and liaised with them about creating a menu suitable for our needs. Heidrun Essler beautifully facilitated the co-creation of a programme of happenings for our days together.

We had ‘happenings’ of workshops and presentations, interest groups and experiential explorations, and there was space for personal reflections and integration though partner Focusing and meeting together in small ‘home groups’. There was plenty of unstructured time for conversations and connections over coffee and drinks in the bar, during shared mealtimes, and walks.

More people attended the gathering this year. It really feels like we are growing our community. You can see photos from the event and get a flavour of the gathering by following this link.

General Assembly

Here is a link to the minutes of General Assembly

Notice of 2024 gathering in Achtberg, South Germany

We are delighted to announce that next year’s gathering will be on 25 – 29 September 2024 at Humboldt-Haus in Achberg, South Germany. Regina Jürgens had taken on to research about two venues in Germany, and this venue perfectly matches what we need. Full details including how to book, are on the website. Here is the link.

Monthly meetings

The monthly Members meetings are continuing on the 1st of every month, at 7pm – 8pm CET. The next meeting is on Friday 1 December. The format of this group is appreciated by the attendees. We have an attunement at the beginning, and then see what emerges from that. It’s an open, heart-felt space. Everyone is welcome. If you want to come to the meeting for the first time, please let Fiona know and she will send you the link.

on behalf of the Steering group
Fiona Parr, Sari Pekki, Amona Buechler, Ruth Hirsch, Dietmar Steinbach,
Hejo Feuerstein, Ria van Hage


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