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Newsletter EFA September 2021

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2nd Dec 2023

Newsletter EFA September 2021

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EFA newsletter September 2021

Annual General Assembly
Sunday 10 October 2021

The meeting is for us to carry forward our wonderful European Focusing Association and our being together.

We are collecting agenda items,
so please let a Steering Group member know.

Agenda so far.

  • Celebration and acknowledgement of the publication of the two volumes of ‘Senses of Focusing’ which Judy Moore and Nikos Kypriotakishave devoted so much time and energy to. The publication date is 12 October! The books grew out of the EFA Conference in Loutraki and is a successful EFA project.
  • Decide on what we want from an EFA meeting at the International Conference in June 2022 in France. A meeting in person will enable us to develop a new direction with fresh energy.
  • Decide on an EFA meeting in Bassano del Grappa, Italy in October 2022.
  • Web site update and decisions.
  • Project with Hejo to develop an interest group to offer Focusing as a support for people who are impacted by Covid.
  • Project with Michael Califronas to collect European Focusing resources.
  • The steering group is open for new members to join. Patricia, Judy and Lucy are stepping down from the steering group. We want to reorganise, to continue to be inclusive and non-hierarchical.

As we are meeting on 10 October,
we are not meeting on the usual 1st of the month in October.

The steering group

Fiona Parr, Patricia Foster, Hejo Feuerstein, Judy Moore,
Cornelius Gehrig, Lucy van Praag and Sari Pekki

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