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Newsletter EFA September 2020

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2nd Dec 2023

Newsletter EFA September 2020

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EFA newsletter September 2020

We are delighted to report that the recent EFA members gathering was a great success, and appreciated by those who attended. It was facilitated by Patricia Foster and Fiona Parr, and we had small groups and sharing in the whole group around the topic ‘What is EFA for you?’ Those who attended said they would like to meet regularly, and we have decided to meet on the first day of each month. Meeting on the 1st of the month means it will be a different day of the week, hopefully to include different people each time.

The next date is Thursday 1 October at 7pm – 8.30pm European time,
(6pm – 7.30pm UK time and 8pm – 9.30pm Greece and Israel time.)

Everyone is welcome, and you can suggest a theme that interests you.
It’s the same link.

Please let Patricia know you are planning to come,
and she will send you a Zoom link for this meeting and any future meetings.
Patricia’s email is patricf1956@gmail.com.

The steering group is proposing that Tuesday 1 December be the date for our general assembly meeting, where we make decisions about how we want EFA to go forward.
We are accepting items for the agenda, so please send us your requests.

You can also discuss any ideas via the email discussion list.
A reminder that you can join or post to the list here.

https://ml-cgn06.ispgateway.de/mailman/listinfo/european-focusing-discussion-list_legacy.efa-focusing.eu .

Please join up, and create our community!
If you don’t see any emails once you have signed up, check your spam folder, especially if you have a hotmail account.


News from the Focusing Teachers group,
which has been meeting monthly for the last three years,
since we started it in Abano Terme in 2017.
Here is a brief update from some of our members.

From Ria van Haag

‘The teachers group is for me a playground where we can connect, interact and deepen our European Focusing friendship and profession.’

From Fiona Parr

‘I value this group hugely, because it gives me a sense of active participation on a European level. I work on my own and here is a way to feel connected and supported in my work as a Focusing teacher.’

From Freda Blob

‘Reflecting on three years of active commitment to the EFA teacher’s group, I want to highlight the benefits of this collegial intervision group that started with the EFA meeting Abano/Italy in 2017. Most of all, I feel that the continuity of our mutual exchange uplifts my work and stabilises my sense of international interconnection. And I wonder what I would have missed if not having checked in to our meetings regularly, when rare but wonderful inspiring words of Gendlin’s had been discussed and put into fresh meaning. This group is kept up by a nurturing spirit depending on each of the individuals coming together, when we tune in from the body before anything else is a topic, and accompany each other in our particular teaching journeys. Thanks to you all who keep it up!’

More about Freda Blob on https://www.focusing-tuebingen.de/english/
and https://legacy.efa-focusing.eu/community/participants/freda/

The teachers group is open for new members
and anyone who teaches Focusing is welcome to join.

We meet on the first Monday of the month, at 7pm – 8pm European time,
(6pm – 7pm UK time and 8pm – 9pm Greece, Finland and Israel time.)



The steering group
Fiona Parr, Patricia Foster, Hejo Feuerstein, Judy Moore,
Cornelius Gehrig, Lucy van Praag and Sari Pekki


European Focusing Associatio

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