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Newsletter EFA November 2022

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2nd Dec 2023

Newsletter EFA November 2022

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EFA Newsletter November 2022

Dear European Focusing colleagues,

News from the EFA gathering at Bassano del Grappa

We met at a Palladian Villa, built in the 16th Century in the old town of Bassano del Grappa with its old wooden bridge in Northern Italy, between Venice and the Alps. The Villa was previously privately owned, and has now been bought by a social enterprise as a resource for the local community as well as for International gatherings like ours. People come daily for activities such as yoga, community groups and support for disabled people. Prisoners come on day release to work in the organic gardens. About 150 people are working in some way or another, helping to make it happen.

25 participants came from England, Scotland, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Finland, Italy, Israel, Greece, USA, and Romania.

The General Assembly minutes are below.

Attendees came to experience our European connection, in person. We have our national Focusing organisations, and we have TIFI. We also want to have a regional network and home for Focusing in Europe. We welcomed everyone to come and co-create the gathering together. This required everyone to practice inner sensing, discipline and the willingness to listen to others.

Here is what some of the participants said

‘Everyone is bringing something more, something very special, in this gathering. I’m really celebrating all this, that is happening.’

‘The significant moment for me was witnessing the process of decision-making about how to go on, decision-making that was led in such a Focusing way, and that really touched me.’

‘I’m taking with me a sense of belonging; meaningful connections with a common language and a common human horizon.’

‘I felt connected with my self and with the others too, with strangers from myself and also with an old part of me. I am grateful.’

‘I came with doubts about my physical fitness, which really interfered with my being present in the group – and now I am glad that I did it, and felt connected to other members.’

So what did we do? Here are some of the offerings

Sharing our responses to climate change; Systemic Constellation on the return of Fascism in Europe; Focusing and Non-Violent Communication; Social-oriented Focusing; sharing our responses to ageing; exploring how would Focusing cities look like, and how does change happen. There was also a discussion on a presentation with Gene Gendlin; an exploration of Focusing and coaching; and experimenting with the listener sharing their resonance with the Focuser.

Even more than ‘workshops’, discussions and ‘interest groups’ it was a creative space, to meet informally and create connections.

This is what other participants said

‘Great Focusing Constellation about what is behind this so-called upcoming Fascism in Europe. Nice group. Good luck.’

‘This was a great journey towards our European Focusing spirit. And we made this journey in an experiential way, all together, with all openness.’

‘It was like a good home, where you can be free to express yourself every way you need to do it in that moment, knowing that your “relatives” will be there for you.’

‘An amazing and challenging space for co-creation and togetherness. Huge gratefulness. The venue is very special and supportive. I hope to join here again.’

‘Here we are on the way ….. from our inner living forward energy towards each other. Creating a space where connecting and relating happen, and shared leadership can grow.’

Interest groups

The following EFA interest groups have been mentioned or were formed in the gathering. Should anyone like to join an interest group, they are invited to contact interest group members directly.

  1. Teachers group: 6 members, formed by Fiona and Freda.
    Contact Fiona Parr: fiona@fionaparr-focusing.co.uk
  2. Website project, first phase: Amona and Dietmar; in the next phase, Michael and others can join.
    Contact Dietmar Steinbach: dietmar@steinbachandfriends.de
  3. Facebook page and group: Ruth, Yehudit, Sari.
    Contact Ruth Hirsch: ruthhirsch@icloud.com
  4. Interest group for having professional level Focusing Practitioners be recognised by TIFI: Ruth, Mateja Tomazin, and Harriet Teeuw.
    Contact Ruth Hirsch: ruthhirsch@icloud.com
  5. EFA conference 2023-24: Michael.
    Contact Michael Callifronas: michael@callifronas.com
  6. Climate change: Teresa.
    Contact Teresa Dawson: info@teresadawson.ch
  7. Monthly meeting for all EFA members: Hosted by Fiona, supported by Amona, Michael and Dietmar.
    Contact Contact Fiona Parr: fiona@fionaparr-focusing.co.uk
  8. Suggestions for the following groups is under consideration
    – How would that Focusing city look like? Monica and Ruth.
    Contact Ruth Hirsch: ruthhirsch@icloud.com
    – Maybe: Social Oriented Focusing – How to bring focusing in our daily actions: Yehudit.Contact Yehudit First: yehudit.first@gmail.com

We plan to meet at the Villa in Bassano del Grappa again next year

We hope you can join us. Save the date – 25 – 29 October 2023. There will be an informal day for arriving and connecting on Wednesday, and we will start our meeting on Thursday morning/lunchtime 26 October.

Would you like to host the 2024 EFA gathering in your country? It feels important to circulate the annual gatherings to different countries, so it becomes a truly European organisation.
It can take more than a year to find and book a suitable venue, so we are looking for a group to take on the hosting for 2024. Please let us know if you are interested.

The General Assembly minutes are here:
EFA General Assembly 2022


The next monthly Members’ Meeting

Thursday 1 December at 7pm – 8pm European time
(6pm – 7pm UK time and 8pm – 9pm Greece and Israel time.)

We meet on the first day of every month. Meeting on the 1st of the month means it will be a different day of the week, hopefully to include everyone.

This is open to everyone and is facilitated by EFA members. You are invited to bring a theme to explore, as a follow-up from the gathering at Bassano, or choose your own theme. Please let Fiona know if you would like to introduce a theme or a topic.

It’s the same link each time.
Please let Fiona Parr know if you want to join the meeting and do not have the link.

Best wishes
Your Focusing Friends at EFA

Fiona Parr, Sari Pekki, Amona Buechler, Ruth Hirsch, Ria van Hage,
Dietmar Steinbach, Hejo Feuerstein, Cornelius Gehrig

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