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Newsletter EFA January 2022

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2nd Dec 2023

Newsletter EFA January 2022

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EFA newsletter January 2022

Senses of Focusing, Vol. I & II


Dear EFA Friends,

We are delighted to announce that the two volumes of Senses of Focusing that we have been working on for the past two years have now been published and are available for purchase through Amazon (see all the links here: amazon-links)

The idea for the volumes came after EFA’s First European Focusing Conference, ‘Facets of Focusing’, which took place in Loutraki, Greece, in 2018, and which many of you will have attended. The quality of the presentations there inspired the idea of a book, a project which soon grew and grew from one volume to two. We particularly wanted to give a voice to colleagues whose first language is not English and more than half the contributors across the two volumes are European, some of whom (e.g. Frans Depestele, Mia Leijssen, Claude Missaen, Campbell Purton, Donata Schoeller, Alan Tidmarsh, Jenny White, Pavlos Zarogiannis) presented at the Loutraki conference.

We have created a website for the book at https://sensesoffocusing.com where you can find much more detail about the books:

  • the list of contents, a summary of the chapters and details of the contributors.
  • You can even find links to videos of some of the original Loutraki presentations where they relate to specific chapters in the book.
  • We also include video interviews with contributors (so far: Campbell Purton and Akira Ikemi)

and plan to add more interviews and organise events in relation to the volumes in the future.

We intend that the website should be ‘alive’, an interactive space, and would very much welcome your contributions, your response to the volumes and any ideas for the future. We also know that there are many excellent colleagues who couldn’t be included in these volumes but who may be ready to contribute to a third volume, if there should be one.

The volumes are very beautiful and have been produced to a high standard. It was a pleasure to work on them with so many wonderful colleagues from Loutraki onwards and we very much hope you will enjoy reading them.

Warm regards,

Judy Moore (UK)
Nikolaos Kypriotakis (Greece)

Co-editors Senses of Focusing


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