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Newsletter EFA April 2023

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2nd Dec 2023

Newsletter EFA April 2023

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Dear Europan Focusing colleagues,

In the newsletter this month:

  • New EFA Website – Call for Donations
  • New EFA Facebook Page
  • Annual Gathering Bassano del Grappa 25 – 29 October 2023

The New EFA Website – Call for Donations

Many of you have noticed that the EFA website was often not accessible during the past year. It crashed almost daily and had to manually be reactivated each time. The technology was outdated and beyond repair.

Since the summer of last year, a group of us have taken on the extensive project of replacing the website with up-to-date technology. This website project was in the hands of Dietmar Steinbach, Amona Buechler, and Ria van Hage with the professional (paid) help of Patrick Woodcook (webmaster of the British Focusing Association) and Gilbert Seilheimer (who has taken care of the EFA website for several years) A special thanks to Gilbert, who has given much of his many hours for free, even though he is not part of the Focusing community.

We envision this site to be a community project and grow in richness with everyone involved. Therefore, we made sure to use a technology that allows all of you to contribute in an easy way. You will be able to post your workshops and events, as well as your Focusing-related publications.

We are now nearing completion, but still need your financial contributions so that we can take care of some important final details.

The cost of the new website so far has been: EURO 1.407,00

These costs were covered by Dietmar Steinbach, Amona Buechler, Fiona Parr, Sari Pekki, Ria van Hage, and Hejo Feuerstein. We have also used the donations from our 2022 EFA gathering.

The website is now hosted under the name of Dietmar Steinbach. To cover the hosting fees until our next annual meeting in October 2023, we will use your website donations collected at our 2022 annual meeting.

Here is how much we need from you to finish the website (and maintain it)

  • £192.50 (about Euro 220) for an outstanding invoice from Patrick.
  • About Euro 500 for Gilbert to finish the website.
  • We expect that once the website is used by all members, you will all notice other things that need to be fixed.
  • Future maintenance, monthly hosting fees, improvements, repairs and additions beyond what we can do ourselves will be possible with your financial contributions.

If you would enjoy contributing, please let us know by replying to Dietmar at efa@efa-focusing.eu.

Once we have collected the necessary financial resources, it is only a matter of a few weeks until we can finally invite you to participate in our new community platform.

The previous EFA website has a lot of great content, which is still available and can be copied over to the new site later-on.

New EFA Facebook Pages

Like our two new Facebook Pages – thanks to Sari, Ruth, and Yehudit.
The old EFA Facebook page has been discontinued, you can re-subscribe here:

Annual Gatherings

Let’s gather in person!

Join us for our Annual EFA Gathering in Bassano from October 25 to 29 2023. Register early to reserve the room of your choice. Of course, this information is on our website (-:
For details click here

on behalf of the Steering group

Fiona Parr, Sari Pekki, Amona Buechler, Ruth Hirsch,
Dietmar Steinbach, Hejo Feuerstein, Cornelius Gehrig, Ria van Hage

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