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What is Focusing?

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More about Focusing

Focusing is gentle, creative and often profound, and is a safe way of being with any experience, even the most disturbed and disturbing. It is based in an ability that most of us have, or can develop – that of listening to what our subtle inner feelings are telling us. What we find when we do so is usually fresh, new, surprising, and deeply satisfying: being with even the most terrible feelings in a Focusing way can actually feel good. Or, if we are Focusing with something ‘out there’, a problem or difficulty may start to shift of its own accord in a direction that we haven’t expected.

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Who is it for?

  • Potentially anyone wanting to create new possibilities in their life. 
  • Focusing helps with daily life
  • When your life feels stuck in making that impossible choice
  • Focusing opens up inner creativity
  • Why is my work now stale?
  • Where has my pizazz gone?
  • Why can’t I find the words?

Focusing is a deeper relationship with one’s self

  • What is just right for me?
  • What do I want from life?

How do I practice?

Focusing can be practiced on your own or in partnerships either with a peer Focuser or with a paid Professional Focusing Practitioner. 

Focusing is also done in peer support groups which are self-led. There are also groups (some are retreats) run by a Professional Focusing Practitioner – some groups are for Focusing practice others are on a particular theme. 

Focusing can be done alone either using the Focusing steps process that has been taught or using a guided audio. 

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