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Newsletter EFA April 2024

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Suzi Mackenzie

  • Dreams
  • Inner relationship Focusing


I can't imagine life without Focusing and love to share it with others. I enjoy offering a calm and warm presence in which people can experience and explore what a Focusing approach might mean for them, from the nurture of the inner relationship to the fascination of the felt sense.

What services do I offer?

One to one Focusing teaching/guiding (see below*)
Focusing Introduction courses (1 or 2 days)
Focusing Skills Certificate (10 days including Intro)
Focusing Practitioner Programme (15-18 months or so)
Various short courses and groups (including Focusing, identity and diversity)
Courses designed to fit specific request (e.g. for counselling students/organisations)

*I offer one to one Focusing sessions, which can be tailored to suit you. These may be geared towards teaching you how to guide yourself through the Focusing process and enter a Focusing partnership, or they may be more of a guided supported experience of Focusing. I can offer Intro and Skills certificate courses in one to one session equivalent. Focusing sessions can be used for whatever feels right for you, you may not even know to begin with but just have a sense of needing Focusing to help with something. We might explore a decision or draw on Focusing together to support your development in some area in work or life. I integrate Focusing in to my counselling and clinical supervision work to varying extents so you may also contact me in relation to these areas of my work.

My background in Focusing

I learnt Focusing at the same time as training to be a Person Centred Counsellor and found it an invaluable practice for being more able to accept and value myself as well as become more in touch with different layers of my experiencing. For some time Focusing was mainly a practice for me on a personal level and in partnerships.
I decided to undertake the Practitioner training partly as I was drawn to bring Focusing in to my life more. I also realised I wanted to have a way to support those of my counselling clients who might struggle to feel comfortable with a non directive approach, but to have a way that was consistent with the value system underpinning a Person Centred Approach.
I have always enjoyed training groups, having done this in previous roles both on a telephone helpline and at a University library. I felt drawn to combine this enjoyment of facilitating training groups with my love of Focusing.
I am currently being mentored to become a BFA mentor and am delivering the Focusing Practitioner Programme: It feels like a privilege to support more people to bring Focusing more deeply in to their lives and support more Focusing professionals to enter the world and spread Focusing out there even more!


Focusing Mentor (currently undergoing this process with Kay Hoffmann)
Focusing Teacher (certified by Kay Hoffmann/BFA 2018)
Focusing Practitioner (trained with Peter Afford/BFA 2014-15)
Focusing Skills certificate (trained with Peter Afford/BFA 2008-09)

Diploma in Therapeutic Supervision (CCPT 2019)
Higher Professional Diploma in Counselling (LC&CTA 2009)
BA Philosophy with Applied Psychology (2001)

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online

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