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Newsletter EFA April 2024

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Monika Catarina Lindner


  • Grief
  • Creativity
  • Focusing Oriented counselling
  • Nature connection


I love to accompany people with Focusing and Thinking At the Edge (TAE) to find their own language for what they want to become aware and express from the heart. When intuitive and logical thinking are brought into exchange, amazing new concepts emerge that make a tangible difference .. . mirabilis

What services do I offer?

As a coach I accompany individuals with creative concerns, for example a professional reorientation or the establishment of self-employment and personal issues, we a vague desire for change but also grief. For groups I offer settings in which ideas can be developed in a way that does not lose sight of the individual.
In addition, I offer various experiential workshops that address different creative and socio-political issues. I am happy to include your topics here as well.

As a Focusing trainer (TIFI), I train Focusing facilitators and teach the philosophical practices of Focusing and Thinking at The Edge (TAE). My focus is on people in the field of education and/or with responsibility for other people, for example in leadership positions. In Germany, I offer further training as an Experiential Concept Coach (ECC), which is certified through the Society for Person-Centered Psychotherapy and Counseling (GwG).

As a Coordinator in Training (CiT, TOFI) you can qualify with me as a Focusing Trainer. My mentors are the Coordinators Kjell Ribert, Heinke Deloch, Francesca Castaldi and Dr. Sergio Lara.

I work in German, English and Spanish.

My background in Focusing

I am an educationalist with 20 years of experience in intercultural adult education and project management. My journey with Focusing started in 2015 with the training as Experiential Concept Coach (ECC, GwG) and led me through Spain to become a Focusing Trainer (Focusing España, TIFI). Currently I am á Coordinator in Training (CiT) and train people in Focusing and ECC/TAE. As a member of the international research group Embodied Critical Thinking (ECT) at University of Iceland I investigate embodied ways of thinking such as possible with Focusing, TAE and Microphenomenology and its potential for learning, pedagogy and education.

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online


I wanted to thank you for the beautiful session in Spanish and tell you how meaningful it was to me. I felt a real big shift, a movement to a much better place, a great bodily relaxing, a feeling of overcoming something stuck and being able to look back on it as if left behind.

Ver con más claridad qué es TAE, es decir, qué es hablar desde el borde, desde eso que todavía no se puede decir con palabras.

Am Workshop schätze ich, dass ihr eine sehr offene und gleichzeitig strukturierte, sichere Atmosphäre geschaffen habt. Dass es mir Handwerkszeug zusätzlich zum Personzentrierten Ansatz gegeben hat, der dadurch sehr gut ergänzt wird und sich nicht widerspricht. Dass ich wertvolle Erfahrungen und Erkenntnisse gemacht habe.

La certeza de que es posible comunicarse con todo lo implícito de un asunto incluso mas allá de lo que nos posibilita la razón y la lógica, incluyendo al cuerpo.

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