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Newsletter EFA April 2024

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Kay Hoffmann

  • Wholebody Focusing


I love both teaching Focusing to newcomers and supporting trainees in finding their own unique way to share this soothing, enriching, enlivening process. I enjoy attempting to explain and teach Focusing using everyday language, without confusing 'insider' jargon!

What services do I offer?

Focusing foundation courses
Professional training
1-1 Focusing sessions
1-1 Mentoring

My background in Focusing

I first encountered focusing in 1998 and did my foundation and Practitioner training with Barbara McGavin. Along the way, I added experience in Wholebody Focusing (with Kevin McEvenue and Addie van der Kooy), Meditative Listening (with Rob Foxcroft), Bio-Spiritual Focusing (with Lesley Wilson) and Children Focusing (with Eileen Fendick). I was very lucky to have Rob, Barbara, Lesley and Peter Afford's input and support as I worked towards teaching Focusing to groups and then becoming a BFA Training Mentor and TIFI Coordinator in 2010.


BFA Focusing Practitioner
BFA Focusing Teacher
BFA Mentor
TIFI Focusing Trainer
TIFI Coordinator
Yoga Teacher (certified by the Yoga for Health Foundation)

How do I practice?

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Online

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