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How do I become a Focusing Partner?

How do I become a Focusing Partner?

To join the BFA partnership area, you will need to know the basics of Focusing and the role of a listener or companion. Usually this is learnt on an introductory course or similar, or through one to one learning with a teacher. This ensures you know how to be a Focusing partners.

Find a Focusing partner through our free partnership area

This area is a free listings for people currently looking for a Focusing partner. You can search by area or interest, or for those wanting to Focusing online. 

Who is it for?

This service is open to anyone who has learnt the basics of Focusing and Listening – which would usually be a weekend workshop or equivalent learning.

What are the benefits of joining?

  • Create a secure and simple profile page (with an optional photograph)
  • Share your profile with space for special interests and contact details 
  • Find other near you who are looking to find a partner 
  • It’s free and secure
  • Show if you are actively looking 
  • Hide your profile when you are not looking or away

Have you completed two days of training in Focusing and Listening (or equivalent)?

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