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EFA Focusing skills courses

EFA Focusing skills courses

What are BFA Focusing skills courses?

Most people initially learn Focusing for their own use in everyday life and for peer Focusing/listening exchanges. Focusing skills courses provide a foundation in Focusing which will help you to:

  • Listen to yourself in a Focusing way
  • Listen to others in a Focusing way
  • Bring Focusing into your everyday life
  • Have a Focusing partnership (a peer Focusing/listening exchange)

Completing a BFA certified Focusing skills course is a prerequisite for further training as a BFA recognized Focusing Practitioner or Teacher. Anyone completing a Focusing skills course is also eligible for the Proficiency in Focusing Partnership Award (PFPA), recognized by The International Focusing Institute (TIFI).

How long are the courses and how are they structured?

They are usually 60 hours of teaching and practice divided into 5 sections. On our courses & events page you will find these 5 sections variously referred to as: levels, modules, blocks, workshops, parts. With some teachers you can book just one section at a time. Our teachers have great freedom to teach in their own ways so that no two versions of the initial programme will be the same, but all will cover the foundational Focusing skills, which include the art of experiential listening. Some teachers offer the course through one to one sessions individually tailored to their students’ learning preferences. Alternatively, learning in a group setting provides the opportunity to focus with a range of people and the richness of witnessing other people’s experience.

Are there any prerequisites to joining a course?

Some teachers ask that you have an individual session with them before joining. This is to help you know if the course is right for you and for the teacher to get a sense of you. Some teachers have no prerequisites.

When is the next Focusing skills course?

Find our upcoming BFA Focusing skills courses on our courses & events page.

Is there a BFA Certificate course near me?

On our courses & events page use the filter “workshops” if you only want to see in-person (offline) courses.

Do I get a certificate at the end of it? Can this count as CPD?

When you complete a BFA Focusing skills course, your teacher will give you a signed certificate stating that you have attended an introductory course in Focusing and experiential listening. Most teachers offer CPD certificates.

Why is there such variation in course content?

One of the great joys of Focusing is the freedom offered in its learning and application. In Focusing we avoid standardising courses and each teacher offers a unique course but covering the same foundational skills. All BFA Teachers have been encouraged and supported to develop their own unique style, so we encourage you to make contact with our teachers to hear more about how they run their Focusing skills courses.

Further Certification

Many people choose to go on after this initial training to more advanced training, either for their personal interest, to learn how to teach Focusing to individuals or groups, or to learn how to integrate Focusing more deeply into their existing professional work.
If you are interested in further certification (Focusing Practitioner > Focusing Teacher > Focusing Mentor), completing a BFA Focusing skills course is your required first step. More about Professional Training

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