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6th Oct 2023

Newsletter EFA July 2023

EFA Newsletters (past)

Dear Focusers,

We are excited to let you know, that 20 people have already signed up for our Annual EFA Gathering, October 25 – 29 2023, in Bassano, Italy.

This year’s theme is:

belonging beyond borders

listening beyond

For details and information on how to participate:

Our idea is that we can hold this year’s theme as a background atmosphere to support and inspire us to co-create our time together- our sharings, workshops, meetings, and more.


The New EFA Website:

38 of you have signed up to be a member.
So far, 28 of you have a publicly visible profile.
You might want to check if you have made yourself visible, not just to the members but to anyone visiting the site.


More features have been added to the website (-:


Visitors can now choose to see EFA-members on a list or a map.
If you want to be visible on the map you need to add your location in your profile. Visitors can search EFA members by location and by doing so the member’s list (to the left of the map) will sort itself by distance to this location. Find more detailed instructions here.

Translate the website to your language

1. Click “Language” on the top blue ribbon > Then, one line above that, below the url, select your language from a drop-down menu. Every time you land on a new page, again select the language from the drop-down menu.
Find more detailed instructions here.


2. Right-click on PC/control-click on Mac on any page > From the drop-down menu select “translate…” > In the little window that opens on top, click the three dots and select any language from the drop-down menu. Every time you land on a new page, do the same.

>> If you know a better, free website translation tool, please let us know.


Post content in your language:
You can now enter your course/events as well as your resources: articles/theses/videos, in your own European language. Website visitors can then filter resources and events by language. Find more detailed instructions here.

Please let European, non-English speaking Focuser friends know about these language features and invite them to become an EFA-member.

Very few of you have joined the discussion list. This is a nice way for all of us to share topics and questions of interest with one another. Sign up here.


on behalf of the Steering group

Fiona Parr, Sari Pekki, Amona Buechler, Ruth Hirsch,
Dietmar Steinbach, Hejo Feuerstein, Cornelius Gehrig, Ria van Hage

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6th Oct 2023

Newsletter EFA June 2023

EFA Newsletters (past)

Dear fellow Focusers,

After a long process of working on the new EFA website, it is finally online, YEA!

Check out our website here:


The newsletter list got transferred to the new server, hence you are receiving this email.
However, you do need to re-subscribe both as a member and for the discussion list!

Resubscribe & Contribute Content as follows:

Sign up for Membership here:
Once you sign up, you will receive membership confirmation. (Please note that this may take a few days.)

Set up your Account and create your profile here:
After you have been approved for membership, you can then set up your account and add content by visiting: (Update your profile, post articles, research studies, video links, your workshops/events…)

Sign up for the Discussion List here:
You will receive an email within seconds and need to click the link in that email to complete the process (check your spam folder).

Invite more European Focusers to this newsletter:

Sign up for the Newsletter here:

Please find detailed instructions for the above steps and for how to add content here:

Steps toward inclusion and to support the communication amongst European Focusers:

  • This website does not contain static text files, such as pdf-files. The reason for this is so that all text can be automatically translated into your language.
    To translate, right-click on any page, then choose “translate to (your language) or use Google Translate (for websites) to automatically translate the entire website. An inbuilt translation tool might be installed soon.
  • When creating a workshop/event you can post it in your language and those visiting the site can filter workshops by European languages.
    We hope to install the same feature for the resource listings, such as articles soon.
  • Additional to the member’s List-View, we will soon have a map of Europe, on which members’ locations will be shown.

Thanks to all of your donations who made this new website possible!

2022 EFA Gathering participants’ donations
Ursula Ohse
Teresa Dawson
Yehudit First
Erna de Bruijn
Michael Californias
Cornelius Gehring
Sari Pekki
Ria van Hage
Amona Buechler
Dietmar Steinbach
Hejo Feuerstein
Fiona Parr

The future of the EFA website

We are excited to see this site grow as all of you will post your events, profiles, and writings. If anything on the website needs attention, feel free to let us know. BUT, please take the time to learningly and patiently find your way before contacting us. Here are the instructions if needed: We have put a lot of time and effort into making sure it’s easy to understand and contribute.

In about 2-3 months, when we ourselves have become more familiar with what is involved in maintaining this website, we will invite others to step in and share or take over this responsibility.
If there are creative ideas about how to let this interactive platform evolve, new interest groups are certainly welcome to bring those ideas into manifestation. This can be a great opportunity for you to actively get involved with EFA, and thereby help grow connections, mutual support, and collaboration amongst European Focusers.



Let’s gather in person!

Join us for our Annual EFA Gathing in Bassano from October 25 to 29 2023
16 people have registered so far. Register soon if you want to secure a room in the main venue.


Our two new EFA Facebook Pages

The old EFA Facebook page has been discontinued, and we have created two new pages. It is our hope that these new pages will encourage other European Focusers to join us, allowing us to better connect and collaborate.

Please sign up for the new Pages here:

The EFA Association Page (For official announcements):

The EFA Forum Page (an open space for European Focusers to post):



on behalf of the Steering group

Fiona Parr, Sari Pekki, Amona Buechler, Ruth Hirsch,
Dietmar Steinbach, Hejo Feuerstein, Cornelius Gehrig, Ria van Hage

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28th May 2023

Newsletter EFA February 2023

EFA Newsletters (past)

EFA Newsletter February 2023

Dear European Focusing colleagues,

In the newsletter this month:

  • New EFA Facebook page and group
  • New EFA web site
  • Annual Gathering Bassano del Grappa 25 – 29 October 2023
  • Members’ meeting 1 March


Sari Pekki, Yehudit First, and Ruth Hirsch have been working to create two new Facebook pages for EFA.
We are replacing our current Facebook page with two new EFA Facebook pages. The current page, ”EFA Focusing”, will be closed after a transition period. At this point, we want to warmly thank and appreciate Nikos Kipriotakis for the excellent work he has dedicated to our web presence through the website and Facebook for many years.

Why two pages? Read on.

> The ‘European Focusing Association’ page
is for official announcements: The purpose of this page is to widen awareness of EFA and Focusing on Facebook. This public page offers information on the European Focusing Association and activities that EFA organizes. The content of this page will be more informative and compact so that people can easily find the information they are looking for. On this page, we will regularly share and highlight EFA newsletters, articles and other content from the EFA website and possibly other sources as well.

We invite you to like and follow the page:
and invite others who might be interested to like and follow the page as well.

> The ‘European Focusing Forum’ group
is an open space for European Focusers to meet others, share ideas and experience, collaborate, get inspiration and ask questions. The group is for Focusing-related topics. Reflections, sharing, articles and quotes that promote and support self-reflection and awareness will be welcome. The group is private, which means that only members can see who’s in the group and what they post.

We invite you to join our group: and encourage other European Focusers to join too!

It is our hope that these new pages will encourage other European Focusers to join us, allowing us to better connect and collaborate.


Web site

Amona Buechler and Dietmar Steinback have been working with web masters Patrick and Gilbert to produce a new, user-friendly web site. It is nearly ready to go live, hopefully in March.

It will be possible to put your courses and events on the web site, and there will be a membership directory, so you can be found by people who are looking for Focusing professionals. You will also be able to put articles and videos on there and engage in our EFA members discussion group.

We want to move as much content as possible from the old web site, so if you have an interest in copying and pasting the articles and videos, we would love to hear from you. The old site will still be there, and findable as ‘previous’.


2023 Gathering

We are delighted to announce that we have secured a booking for this year’s EFA gathering (annual meeting)

at Bassano del Grappa – in northern Italy, for 25 – 29 October 2023.

Bassano del Grappa Old Town and Ponte degli Alpini bridge, Veneto province, Italy

The venue is lovely. You can see more information here:
The website is in Italian. How to activate Google Translate

THE VILLA ANGARAN SAN GIUSEPPE will be hosting us from Wednesday evening until Sunday lunchtime.



The Villa is located at
Via Ca’ Morosini, 41 36061 Bassano del Grappa (VI)
Tel. +39 331 418 72 84

Rooms will be booked on a first come, first served basis as rooms on the premises are limited. Please read the entire email carefully for instructions on how to book yourself in as an EFA member.

Communication platform

Once you have registered, we also encourage you to enter your name and contact info here on our communication platform so we can all stay in touch.


In the THE VILLA ANGARAN SAN GIUSEPPE we have available to us

  • 9 single rooms with private bathroom at a cost of €45 a night
  • 8 double rooms with private bathroom – at a discounted rate of €50 a night for singles
    Or full double rate €70 a night for couples or two people sharing with twin beds.
  • 1 triple room €90,00
  • + tourist tax – €2 per night for all above choices
  • Breakfast included
  • Our meeting room is at the villa

NEARBY HOSTEL: Ostello Bassano Del Grappa at Via Lorenzo Chini 6

The hostel is some 15 minutes or so walk away from the villa and also has the option to use a shared kitchen for those who prefer to self-cater. For people who would prefer an even more cost friendly option there are also shared dormitories at the hostel.

  • 2 of these singles come with a private bathroom at €35 a night
  • And 5 other single rooms which come with the use of a shared bathroom for €30 a night.
  • double rooms with a private bathroom €56
  • double rooms with the use of a shared bathroom €50
  • + tourist tax – €2 per night for above choices
  • Breakfast included
This website is in English, Italian and German so easy to browse through.


Lunch and dinner are NOT included in the costs of the room and will need to be paid for separately when you arrive. Breakfast is included already in the costing for the rooms.

Lunch: price range to be determined, probably around Euro 16+
Dinner: Price range between Euro 20 and Euro 25 including drinks depending on the menu.

Occasionally we plan to eat out together in the old historical centre of Bassano.

Check in from 2pm on Wednesday afternoon with a shared dinner on the premises at 6pm. We will meet as a group at 7.30pm

We will close our meeting at 1pm on Sunday, followed by lunch at the venue.

For anyone who wants to arrive earlier and/or stay on longer you can arrange it yourself at the time of booking, or potentially added on later if availability allows.

Bassano del Grappa is reachable by train.
Use to check train times from wherever you are coming. You can book online through this website or buy your ticket at the ticket office.
Another good site is This platform searches through various European train- and bus-services.

For those planning to fly, the closest airport is Venice Marco Polo airport.
On: select:
Departure from “Venice Airport (Marco Polo) to all destinations” then select:
Da/From: Aero Porto Marco Polo (VCE)
and A/To: Mestre Stazione SS.FF.
Euro 8 one-way, Euro 15 both ways
Once in Mestre take the train to Bassano del Grappa

By foot: 20 to 25 minutes from the train station/bus.
By Taxi: 0039 (0)424567774
The cost from the train station to both Bassano del Grappa to the Villa Angaran San and to the Hostel Ostello Bassano Del Grappa, Via Chini, 6 is between €7 and €9.

To Ostello Bassano Del Grappa at Via Lorenzo Chini 6:
By foot: From Bassano train station / bus: 1.4 km, 17 minutes.

TO REGISTER and BOOK your accommodation:

We have a special price for members of our group that you won’t get if you book online.
Please include your name,
that you are coming for the European Focusing Association meeting 25 – 29 October 2023
and your choice of room and exactly how many nights you will stay.

Please book either the hotel or the hostel with:
Either Paolo or one of his colleagues will respond by email.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to CC
so that we know you are coming.


Accommodation and Meals:
To be paid directly to the hotel by each participant.

For the Meeting Room:
We have calculated everybody’s contributions for the cost of the two meeting rooms based on an estimated minimum number of 20 participants. Please expect to pay €65 Euro in addition to the cost of your bedroom. We will collect this money when we are there. If there are more than 20 participants, we can either collect less or use the additional amount for other EFA projects, such as the website.

EFA gathering communication platform

We now have an active communication platform, where you can see who is coming and let people know that you will join. You can see what ideas already exist, and you can post your envisioned workshop, wishes and discussion ideas; and connect for travel plans, etc.

Looking forward to meeting with as many of you as can come.


Monthly meetings

The monthly Members meetings are continuing on the 1st of every month, at 7pm – 8pm CET. The next meeting is on Wednesday 1 March.

The format of this group is appreciated by the attendees. We have an attunement at the beginning, and then see what emerges from that. It’s an open, heart-felt space. Everyone is welcome. If you want to come to the meeting for the first time, please let Fiona know and she will send you the link.


on behalf of the Steering group

Fiona Parr, Sari Pekki, Amona Buechler, Ruth Hirsch,
Dietmar Steinbach, Hejo Feuerstein, Cornelius Gehrig, Ria van Hage



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28th May 2023

Newsletter EFA November 2022

EFA Newsletters (past)

EFA Newsletter November 2022

Dear European Focusing colleagues,

News from the EFA gathering at Bassano del Grappa

We met at a Palladian Villa, built in the 16th Century in the old town of Bassano del Grappa with its old wooden bridge in Northern Italy, between Venice and the Alps. The Villa was previously privately owned, and has now been bought by a social enterprise as a resource for the local community as well as for International gatherings like ours. People come daily for activities such as yoga, community groups and support for disabled people. Prisoners come on day release to work in the organic gardens. About 150 people are working in some way or another, helping to make it happen.

25 participants came from England, Scotland, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Finland, Italy, Israel, Greece, USA, and Romania.

The General Assembly minutes are below.

Attendees came to experience our European connection, in person. We have our national Focusing organisations, and we have TIFI. We also want to have a regional network and home for Focusing in Europe. We welcomed everyone to come and co-create the gathering together. This required everyone to practice inner sensing, discipline and the willingness to listen to others.

Here is what some of the participants said

‘Everyone is bringing something more, something very special, in this gathering. I’m really celebrating all this, that is happening.’

‘The significant moment for me was witnessing the process of decision-making about how to go on, decision-making that was led in such a Focusing way, and that really touched me.’

‘I’m taking with me a sense of belonging; meaningful connections with a common language and a common human horizon.’

‘I felt connected with my self and with the others too, with strangers from myself and also with an old part of me. I am grateful.’

‘I came with doubts about my physical fitness, which really interfered with my being present in the group – and now I am glad that I did it, and felt connected to other members.’

So what did we do? Here are some of the offerings

Sharing our responses to climate change; Systemic Constellation on the return of Fascism in Europe; Focusing and Non-Violent Communication; Social-oriented Focusing; sharing our responses to ageing; exploring how would Focusing cities look like, and how does change happen. There was also a discussion on a presentation with Gene Gendlin; an exploration of Focusing and coaching; and experimenting with the listener sharing their resonance with the Focuser.

Even more than ‘workshops’, discussions and ‘interest groups’ it was a creative space, to meet informally and create connections.

This is what other participants said

‘Great Focusing Constellation about what is behind this so-called upcoming Fascism in Europe. Nice group. Good luck.’

‘This was a great journey towards our European Focusing spirit. And we made this journey in an experiential way, all together, with all openness.’

‘It was like a good home, where you can be free to express yourself every way you need to do it in that moment, knowing that your “relatives” will be there for you.’

‘An amazing and challenging space for co-creation and togetherness. Huge gratefulness. The venue is very special and supportive. I hope to join here again.’

‘Here we are on the way ….. from our inner living forward energy towards each other. Creating a space where connecting and relating happen, and shared leadership can grow.’

Interest groups

The following EFA interest groups have been mentioned or were formed in the gathering. Should anyone like to join an interest group, they are invited to contact interest group members directly.

  1. Teachers group: 6 members, formed by Fiona and Freda.
    Contact Fiona Parr:
  2. Website project, first phase: Amona and Dietmar; in the next phase, Michael and others can join.
    Contact Dietmar Steinbach:
  3. Facebook page and group: Ruth, Yehudit, Sari.
    Contact Ruth Hirsch:
  4. Interest group for having professional level Focusing Practitioners be recognised by TIFI: Ruth, Mateja Tomazin, and Harriet Teeuw.
    Contact Ruth Hirsch:
  5. EFA conference 2023-24: Michael.
    Contact Michael Callifronas:
  6. Climate change: Teresa.
    Contact Teresa Dawson:
  7. Monthly meeting for all EFA members: Hosted by Fiona, supported by Amona, Michael and Dietmar.
    Contact Contact Fiona Parr:
  8. Suggestions for the following groups is under consideration
    – How would that Focusing city look like? Monica and Ruth.
    Contact Ruth Hirsch:
    – Maybe: Social Oriented Focusing – How to bring focusing in our daily actions: Yehudit.Contact Yehudit First:

We plan to meet at the Villa in Bassano del Grappa again next year

We hope you can join us. Save the date – 25 – 29 October 2023. There will be an informal day for arriving and connecting on Wednesday, and we will start our meeting on Thursday morning/lunchtime 26 October.

Would you like to host the 2024 EFA gathering in your country? It feels important to circulate the annual gatherings to different countries, so it becomes a truly European organisation.
It can take more than a year to find and book a suitable venue, so we are looking for a group to take on the hosting for 2024. Please let us know if you are interested.

The General Assembly minutes are here:
EFA General Assembly 2022


The next monthly Members’ Meeting

Thursday 1 December at 7pm – 8pm European time
(6pm – 7pm UK time and 8pm – 9pm Greece and Israel time.)

We meet on the first day of every month. Meeting on the 1st of the month means it will be a different day of the week, hopefully to include everyone.

This is open to everyone and is facilitated by EFA members. You are invited to bring a theme to explore, as a follow-up from the gathering at Bassano, or choose your own theme. Please let Fiona know if you would like to introduce a theme or a topic.

It’s the same link each time.
Please let Fiona Parr know if you want to join the meeting and do not have the link.

Best wishes
Your Focusing Friends at EFA

Fiona Parr, Sari Pekki, Amona Buechler, Ruth Hirsch, Ria van Hage,
Dietmar Steinbach, Hejo Feuerstein, Cornelius Gehrig


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28th May 2023

Newsletter EFA October 2021

EFA Newsletters (past)

EFA newsletter October 2021


Here you can read the minutes from the recent EFA Annual General Assembly

Members’ Meeting

Tuesday 1 November at 7pm – 8.30pm European time,

This is open to everyone and is facilitated by EFA members. We will find a theme to explore, as a way to be together in a Focusing way. There is also an option for development of the interest groups if needed. We hope you can come.
It’s the same link each time. Please let Fiona know if you want to join the meeting and do not yet have the link.

We meet on the first day of every month. Meeting on the 1st of the month means it will be a different day of the week, hopefully to include different people each time. So the next meeting will be Monday 1 November. There is an option to meet at an earlier time, if that works better for people.

Senses of Focusing, Vol. I & II

Here you can watch a video about the new publication Senses of Focusing, Vol. I & II
by Eurasia Publications, Athens, Greece



We hope to see you on Monday 1 November.


The new steering group

Fiona Parr, Hejo Feuerstein, Cornelius Gehrig,
Sari Pekki and Dietmar Steinbach


European Focusing Association (EFA)

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28th May 2023

Newsletter EFA September 2021

EFA Newsletters (past)

EFA newsletter September 2021

Annual General Assembly
Sunday 10 October 2021

The meeting is for us to carry forward our wonderful European Focusing Association and our being together.

We are collecting agenda items,
so please let a Steering Group member know.

Agenda so far.

  • Celebration and acknowledgement of the publication of the two volumes of ‘Senses of Focusing’ which Judy Moore and Nikos Kypriotakishave devoted so much time and energy to. The publication date is 12 October! The books grew out of the EFA Conference in Loutraki and is a successful EFA project.
  • Decide on what we want from an EFA meeting at the International Conference in June 2022 in France. A meeting in person will enable us to develop a new direction with fresh energy.
  • Decide on an EFA meeting in Bassano del Grappa, Italy in October 2022.
  • Web site update and decisions.
  • Project with Hejo to develop an interest group to offer Focusing as a support for people who are impacted by Covid.
  • Project with Michael Califronas to collect European Focusing resources.
  • The steering group is open for new members to join. Patricia, Judy and Lucy are stepping down from the steering group. We want to reorganise, to continue to be inclusive and non-hierarchical.

As we are meeting on 10 October,
we are not meeting on the usual 1st of the month in October.

The steering group

Fiona Parr, Patricia Foster, Hejo Feuerstein, Judy Moore,
Cornelius Gehrig, Lucy van Praag and Sari Pekki

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28th May 2023

Newsletter EFA September 2020

EFA Newsletters (past)

EFA newsletter September 2020

We are delighted to report that the recent EFA members gathering was a great success, and appreciated by those who attended. It was facilitated by Patricia Foster and Fiona Parr, and we had small groups and sharing in the whole group around the topic ‘What is EFA for you?’ Those who attended said they would like to meet regularly, and we have decided to meet on the first day of each month. Meeting on the 1st of the month means it will be a different day of the week, hopefully to include different people each time.

The next date is Thursday 1 October at 7pm – 8.30pm European time,
(6pm – 7.30pm UK time and 8pm – 9.30pm Greece and Israel time.)

Everyone is welcome, and you can suggest a theme that interests you.
It’s the same link.

Please let Patricia know you are planning to come,
and she will send you a Zoom link for this meeting and any future meetings.
Patricia’s email is

The steering group is proposing that Tuesday 1 December be the date for our general assembly meeting, where we make decisions about how we want EFA to go forward.
We are accepting items for the agenda, so please send us your requests.

You can also discuss any ideas via the email discussion list.
A reminder that you can join or post to the list here. .

Please join up, and create our community!
If you don’t see any emails once you have signed up, check your spam folder, especially if you have a hotmail account.


News from the Focusing Teachers group,
which has been meeting monthly for the last three years,
since we started it in Abano Terme in 2017.
Here is a brief update from some of our members.

From Ria van Haag

‘The teachers group is for me a playground where we can connect, interact and deepen our European Focusing friendship and profession.’

From Fiona Parr

‘I value this group hugely, because it gives me a sense of active participation on a European level. I work on my own and here is a way to feel connected and supported in my work as a Focusing teacher.’

From Freda Blob

‘Reflecting on three years of active commitment to the EFA teacher’s group, I want to highlight the benefits of this collegial intervision group that started with the EFA meeting Abano/Italy in 2017. Most of all, I feel that the continuity of our mutual exchange uplifts my work and stabilises my sense of international interconnection. And I wonder what I would have missed if not having checked in to our meetings regularly, when rare but wonderful inspiring words of Gendlin’s had been discussed and put into fresh meaning. This group is kept up by a nurturing spirit depending on each of the individuals coming together, when we tune in from the body before anything else is a topic, and accompany each other in our particular teaching journeys. Thanks to you all who keep it up!’

More about Freda Blob on

The teachers group is open for new members
and anyone who teaches Focusing is welcome to join.

We meet on the first Monday of the month, at 7pm – 8pm European time,
(6pm – 7pm UK time and 8pm – 9pm Greece, Finland and Israel time.)



The steering group
Fiona Parr, Patricia Foster, Hejo Feuerstein, Judy Moore,
Cornelius Gehrig, Lucy van Praag and Sari Pekki


European Focusing Associatio

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28th May 2023

Newsletter EFA January 2022

EFA Newsletters (past)

EFA newsletter January 2022

Senses of Focusing
Vol. I & II

Dear EFA Friends,

We are delighted to announce that the two volumes of Senses of Focusingthat we have been working on for the past two years have now been published and are available for purchase through Amazon (see all the links here: amazon-links)

The idea for the volumes came after EFA’s First European Focusing Conference, ‘Facets of Focusing’, which took place in Loutraki, Greece, in 2018, and which many of you will have attended. The quality of the presentations there inspired the idea of a book, a project which soon grew and grew from one volume to two. We particularly wanted to give a voice to colleagues whose first language is not English and more than half the contributors across the two volumes are European, some of whom (e.g. Frans Depestele, Mia Leijssen, Claude Missaen, Campbell Purton, Donata Schoeller, Alan Tidmarsh, Jenny White, Pavlos Zarogiannis) presented at the Loutraki conference.

We have created a website for the book
where you can find much more detail about the books:

the list of contents, a summary of the chapters and details of the contributors.
You can even find links to videos of some of the original Loutraki presentations where they relate to specific chapters in the book.
We also include video interviews with contributors
(so far: Campbell Purton and Akira Ikemi)
and plan to add more interviews and organise events in relation to the volumes in the future.

We intend that the website should be ‘alive’, an interactive space, and would very much welcome your contributions, your response to the volumes and any ideas for the future. We also know that there are many excellent colleagues who couldn’t be included in these volumes but who may be ready to contribute to a third volume, if there should be one.

The volumes are very beautiful and have been produced to a high standard. It was a pleasure to work on them with so many wonderful colleagues from Loutraki onwards and we very much hope you will enjoy reading them.

Warm regards,

Judy Moore (UK)
Nikolaos Kypriotakis (Greece)

Co-editors Senses of Focusing


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23rd May 2023

Newsletter EFA October 2019

EFA Newsletters (past)


Dear EFA Member,

We are writing with an update on some issues that were discussed in our recent Steering Group Zoom meeting.

Venue for The Next ‘Small’ European Annual Gathering

As you know, it was decided at this year’s General Assembly that we would alternate larger ‘conferences’ (such as we had at Loutraki this year) with a smaller gathering that would operate more on the ‘Open Space’ principle where members come together in an unstructured way to network and work together on joint projects. It has been suggested that TAE would be useful in this process and that perhaps the gathering could take place over three days.

Patricia Foster has kindly offered to host the annual gathering on the Greek island of Aegina and has considerable experience of organising events there. She has already looked into and come up with good possibilities for accommodation.

But it has also been pointed out that travel to Greece is not viable for everyone who would like to attend the annual gathering and so we wanted to ask if anyone (or any small group) are willing to organise a gathering further north in Europe? Please can you let us know if you are willing to take on this responsibility by responding directly to this email.

It is not simply a matter of where people want to go, but who is actually willing to do the organising. Once we know if there are viable alternatives to Aegina we can then discuss the options that have been put forward.

Development of the Website
Special webpage for articles, projects, research, etc.

The EFA website is in the process of being developed by Nikos. A special page can be created where we could have links to what individuals have done/ written – articles, projects, etc. It would also be great to have updates from the Interest Groups from Loutraki (and elsewhere).

The possibility of an online publication was also discussed and more detail on this will follow.

As you will know, one of the videos has already been put on the website and is available on YouTube with subtitles and others will follow shortly… [link:]

Changes to the Steering Group

Tine Swyngedouw has decided that for personal reasons she needs to step down from the Steering Group at for now but hopes to be back later. We will miss her!

Autumn greetings,
The Steering Group

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