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6th Oct 2023

Newsletter EFA July 2023

EFA Newsletters (past)

Dear Focusers,

We are excited to let you know, that 20 people have already signed up for our Annual EFA Gathering, October 25 – 29 2023, in Bassano, Italy.

This year’s theme is:

belonging beyond borders

listening beyond

For details and information on how to participate:

Our idea is that we can hold this year’s theme as a background atmosphere to support and inspire us to co-create our time together- our sharings, workshops, meetings, and more.


The New EFA Website:

38 of you have signed up to be a member.
So far, 28 of you have a publicly visible profile.
You might want to check if you have made yourself visible, not just to the members but to anyone visiting the site.


More features have been added to the website (-:


Visitors can now choose to see EFA-members on a list or a map.
If you want to be visible on the map you need to add your location in your profile. Visitors can search EFA members by location and by doing so the member’s list (to the left of the map) will sort itself by distance to this location. Find more detailed instructions here.

Translate the website to your language

1. Click “Language” on the top blue ribbon > Then, one line above that, below the url, select your language from a drop-down menu. Every time you land on a new page, again select the language from the drop-down menu.
Find more detailed instructions here.


2. Right-click on PC/control-click on Mac on any page > From the drop-down menu select “translate…” > In the little window that opens on top, click the three dots and select any language from the drop-down menu. Every time you land on a new page, do the same.

>> If you know a better, free website translation tool, please let us know.


Post content in your language:
You can now enter your course/events as well as your resources: articles/theses/videos, in your own European language. Website visitors can then filter resources and events by language. Find more detailed instructions here.

Please let European, non-English speaking Focuser friends know about these language features and invite them to become an EFA-member.

Very few of you have joined the discussion list. This is a nice way for all of us to share topics and questions of interest with one another. Sign up here.


on behalf of the Steering group

Fiona Parr, Sari Pekki, Amona Buechler, Ruth Hirsch,
Dietmar Steinbach, Hejo Feuerstein, Cornelius Gehrig, Ria van Hage

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