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Workshop, community living and holiday all in one

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We all know it: the sensation of feeling bogged down by everyday life: thoughts of inadequacy, endless lists of things to do, quarrels with loved-ones…

Now imagine you had a tool to keep all those negative thoughts and feelings at a good distance, so that you are not overwhelmed by them, but are able to deal with life’s challenges in the best possible way. What would your life feel like?

Focusing is just such a tool. Basically, Focusing teaches you how to have a helpful and healing relationship with yourself and with others. You first of all learn how to put a good distance between yourself and all that is bothering you. This is a prerequisite to deal with your problems in an effective way. It’s a bit like reading: you have to keep the newspaper at an appropriate distance in order to make sense of what’s written.

But Focusing is even more. It’s a way to tap into your intuition – into that part of yourself that already knows the way forward, the appropriate next steps, the way to live a fulfilled and authentic life.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • the basic steps of Focusing
  • how to keep a distance between your problems and yourself
  • how to listen to your intuition

At the same time you’ll be experiencing community living, sharing in everyday tasks like cooking or washing up etc. As the workshop will take place in the mornings only, there’ll be ample time to relax at the beach, go for walks or simply lie in the hammock and read a good book.


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