Date(s) - 11/03/2017 - 12/03/2017
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Nikolaos Kypriotakis at nikoskypriotakis@gmail.com
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Country: Greece, Town/City: Thessalonica, Language: English
Teacher(s)/Host(s): Heidrun Essler - Hellenic Focusing Center, Type: In person, Topic: Children Focusing
MoreInfo: Level: Basic, Fee:Yes, URL:External link
EFA Category: Other
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Description of the Event

Duration of Training: 4 weekends
Teaching hours: 60
Includes: group activities, workshops, exercises, case presentations, supervision.
Total training hours: 170 hours
Includes: internships, studying, writing, supervision.
Certificate: Focusing Partner/Guide for Children
Starting: 11/12 March 2017
Cost: 560 euro
Place: Hellenic Focusing Center
Address: Avenue: Vassilisis Olgas 99, 54643, Thessalonica

For More Information
E-mail: info@focusing.gr and focusinghellas@yahoo.com and focusing.gr@gmail.com
Tel: +30 210-6459459 and +30 231-5527066

External linkhttp://focusing.gr/wordpress/?p=2089

Professional Portrait

Heidrun Essler: I am an academic speech trainer and therapist and Focusing coordinator for adults and children. This has led me to many areas of crises in the world where the lack of safety is a big issue. Dealing with it I have been confronted with difficult emotions over and over again. I have experienced how hard it can be to use words to express bodily feelings. So I use “listening and speaking with all body senses” and helping the body to “step-out” of unbearable pain and relax again – because this is what it wants to do.
My professional experiences are giving trainings since 1989 in all kind of companies and organizations. I am a lecturer at the University of Karlsruhe for body language. I also work as consultant and coach on a one-to-one base. I have developed methods to teach Focusing to whole systems like kindergarten, schools, homes, camps or hospitals.

Video-interview from the Children Focusing training in Athens

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