Date(s) - 02/10/2015 - 05/10/2015
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Nikolaos Kypriotakis at nikoskypriotakis@gmail.com
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Country: Greece, Town/City: Athens, Language: English
Teacher(s)/Host(s): Hellenic Focusing Center, Type: Other, Topic: EFA-related
MoreInfo: Level: undefined, Fee:No, URL:External link
EFA Category: EFA Meeting
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Description of the Event

European Focusing Academy Networking Meeting in Athens
European Focusing Networking Day Athens


After a long and intense discussion within the Steering Group,
and following our communication with the Greek colleagues, Anna and Pavlos,
we invite you to our next European Coordinators´ Meeting /Assembly to be held in Athens,
October 2nd – October 5th, 2015
Looking forward to welcome you to this promising assembly of ours,

Most sincerely,
Pavlos Zarogiannis-Anna Karali
(Coordinators in Athens, hosts of the Coordinators’ Meeting Athens)

Heidrun Essler, Hejo Feuerstein
(Members of the Steering Group)

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