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*Type of Meeting: Other type *Country: Greece *Town/City: Athens *Teacher(s)/Host(s): Nikolaos Kypriotakis *Language: Greek *Teacher(s)/Host(s): Hellenic Focusing Center *Town/City: Thessalonica *Language: English *Teacher(s)/Host(s): Anastasia Mitropoulou *Language: German *Country: Germany *Country: Italy *Country: Spain *Language: Spanish *Language: Dutch *Country: Netherlands *Country: Belgium *Country: Cyprus *Country: United Kingdom *Country: Switzerland *Town/City: Amsterdam *Teacher(s)/Host(s): Hejo Feuerstein *Teacher(s)/Host(s): Aukje Strandstra *Type of Meeting: In person *Type of Meeting: Skype *Type of Meeting: Zoom *Country: European Country *Country: Non-European Country *Teacher(s)/Host(s): Heidrun Essler *Teacher(s)/Host(s): Japan Focusing Association *Teacher(s)/Host(s): The International Focusing Institute *Teacher(s)/Host(s): Kansai Counseling Center *Language: English & MORE *Teacher(s)/Host(s): Ursula Ohse *Town/City: Lanzarote *Country: Israel *Teacher(s)/Host(s): Fiona Parr *Town/City: Leuven *Teacher(s)/Host(s): Tine Swyngedouw *Teacher(s)/Host(s): Mia Leijssen

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