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Focusing Profil (Part A)
Focusing Profil (Part A)

Focusing Trainer, Focusing Professional, Focusing Therapist, Other

Focusing Profil (Part A)

Focusing Teacher, Certifying Coordinator

Focusing Profil (Part B)
How (if at all) do you use Focusing in your professional life?

I teach Focusing at the annual Focusing Network’s FN summer camp, at Focusing Center Tübingen, at continuing adult education programmes for psychosocial professionals and at Community Wellness groups. I run a private practise for Focusing oriented Psychotherapy and Counselling

Which (if any) Focusing organizations do you belong to?

TIFI (The International Focusing Institute New York), FN (German-Swiss Focusing Network/Deutsch-Schweizer Focusing Netzwerk), DFG (German Focusing Society/Deutsche Focusing Gesellschaft)

What are your general areas of interest and expertise?

Grievance, Vulnerability, Emotional Stress and Inner Critic, Expressive Arts Focusing  and Self-Care; Existential Wellbeing

Focusing Profil (Part C)
Focusing Profil (Part C)

Individual Focusing, Partnerships, Groups, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Community Wellness, Teaching, Dreams, Whole Body Focusing, Supervision, Stress, Otherwise

Focusing Profil (Part C)

FOAT® (Focusing Oriented Expressive Arts), Focusing with the Whole Body FWB, Wholebody Heartfeld Conversation WHC, Existential Wellbeing

Focusing Profil (Part D)
Focusing Profil (Part D)

Summer school

Focusing Profil (Part E)
Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?

I created a Facebook group for European Focusers for mutual support. This site is for those of us who want to make short video clips with Focusing tips or Focusing announcements. You can contact me via Facebook: Friedgard E. Blob. 858731697652795/?ref=profile_intro_card

Are you willing for this information to be shared with other EFA participants?



Freda Blob





Phone Number

0049 175 722 8458



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