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    Notes from Teachers’ group meeting 4 June 2018

    Present: Cornelius, Ria, Evi, Freda, Fiona, Caterina

    Freda moderated
    Ria doesn’t want notes, but Fiona didn’t want important things to be lost.

    EFA recognised teaching programme
    Ria – we could create an EFA programme, which would include elements from each of us.
    Cornelius – a basic programme would need to be flexible enough for European diversity.
    Fiona – I want to create ‘EFA recognised’ programmes.
    Evi – I want us to have EFA recognition for many programmes. Some of them already exist. Not to standardise, but to agree on crucial elements. What are the most important elements when we teach Focusing. Elements or qualities that without them the teaching is not sufficient.
    Freda – if something is missing, it’s important that it be in there.
    Evi – we could write what we feel are necessary or important features, characteristics that without them we cannot teach Focusing. Agreed that we would send to each other before the next meeting.
    Cornelius – what is an important standard. What is essential to be in it, to teach Focusing and to be a recognised EFA programme.

    2. Report from Children Focusing with Rene at Abano Terme
    Caterina reports 60 people came and it was very successful. It was enriching – full of hope – for Focusing in Italy.
    It was translated for Italians. There will be translation of the Children Focusing materials into Italian.
    There is the Children Focusing Conference in Rome in October. Caterina is sending us a link.
    Caterina is working with Focusing in an educational environment. She has finished the project with 22 children aged 5, and they want her to go onto Primary school with them.

    3. Widening European inclusion
    Freda noticed that at the 1st European Focusing conference, most people had English.
    There were very few people from the newer European countries. She misses those people.
    How can we make steps further into diversity.
    Is it language, or money issues that stops people from coming.
    She had a sad feeling as she observed this.

    4. Date of next meeting – 9 July, 7pm European time, 8pm Greek time.


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