Focusing Profil (Part D)
Focusing Profil (Part D)

European FO Therapy Programme, European FO Supervision Programme

Focusing Profil (Part E)
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Claude Missiaen




Focusing Profil (Part A)
Focusing Profil (Part A)

Basic training, Focusing Trainer, Focusing Professional, Focusing Therapist, Other

Focusing Profil (Part A)

Focusing Coordinator

Focusing Profil (Part B)
How (if at all) do you use Focusing in your professional life?

I integrate focusing in my experiential/existential therapy. I teach focusing in individual trajects. I am a trainer in experiential psychotherapy and focusing, in different contexts, among others the Catholic University of Leuven and Intra in Warsaw.

Which (if any) Focusing organizations do you belong to?

The International Focusing Institute, Focussen Vlaanderen

What are your general areas of interest and expertise?

Experiential/existential psychotherapy, supervision, focusing, group psychotherapy, team building in non profit organizations…

Focusing Profil (Part C)
Focusing Profil (Part C)

Individual Focusing, Partnerships, Groups, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Community Wellness, Communication, Teaching, Dreams, Whole Body Focusing, Supervision, Otherwise

Focusing Profil (Part C)

Team building


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