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      Judy Moore

      Welcome to those of you who have found your way to the website!

      I am still getting to know how it all works myself, but, in time, I hope it will become a good way of our communicating between ourselves and forming ‘interest’ and ‘networking’ groups.

      It takes a little time to get to know your way round, but it will be worth it!

      Warm good wishes,


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      Hello dear Subscriber!
      It is nice to have you with us!

      I would suggest you to LOGIN to the EFA website
      by using your Username and your Password
      so that the system recognize you as an active participant
      and display your profile in the ‘Participants’ page.

      After you LOGIN you will also be able to post your own Focusing events
      by using the option Events > Add an Event

      Best regards,
      Nikos Kypriotakis

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      Dear participant of the website:
      when you compose and submit an upcoming event of yours
      please do provide also a picture, image or photo
      which will accompany the event.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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